Waiting for Mary

Team Members: Ryen Denny, Tammy Flores, Colin Hennessey, Mary Metten
Partner Agency: Society’s Assets

The team’s goal was to develop a marketing plan that includes material development, research, community outreach, and social media presence to support accessibility in businesses allowing customers with disabilities access to services.

The Rockstars

Team Members: Kathy Bennett, Amber Engel, Karly Kattenbraker, Rob Swanson
Partner Agency: Herzing University

The team planned and executed the first Nonprofit Rush Week which connected Herzing University students with volunteer opportunities at local nonprofits.

The Barbarians

Team Members: Yolanda Jackson-Lewis, Seth Lane, Laura Lazarz
Partner Agency: Kenosha Public Library

The team helped create a foundation for a local Books in Barbershops program that leverages the personal relationship of neighborhood barbers to promote access to books and a love of reading for kids in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Daily United

Team Members: Jake Jones, Magan Perez, Lisa Sanders, Cameron Swallow
Partner Agency: United Way of Kenosha County

The team developed an in-depth action plan that included data, marketing and a recruitment plan for members for the proposed Live United 365 and #IPledge Programs.


Team Members: Jessica Kapustin, Michelle Sandberg, Nicole Thomsen
Partner Agency: Shalom Center

The team helped increase the visibility and awareness of the food pantry’s move to a new location.