Team Members: Yazlyn Perez, AJ Chivell, Jennifer McMillan and Jacque Kruger
Partner Agency: Building Our Future

The goal of the project was to align and inform the community on the number of resources and programs available for families with young children ages zero to five.

Holy Canolies

Team Members: Jacki Hawes, Trisha Camosy, Tom Wood, Felicia Dominguez
Partner Agency: Washington Park Velodrome

The goal of the project was to assist the Velodrome in increasing sponsorships and attendees to ‘fill the hill’ for Tuesday Night Races.


Team Members: Travian Franklin, Michelle Carothers, Theresa Swisher
Partner Agency: Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast

The goal of the project was to develop a plan to recruit non-traditional volunteers for Girl Scouts to serve as troop leaders.

This project won the Leadership Kenosha “Project of the Year Award”

BG 3

Team Members: Stacey Cameron-Weigand, Kate Holmes, Robert Niccolai, Renee Young-Trego
Partner Agency: ELCA Outreach Center

The goal of the project was to identify opportunities to market the ELCA Outreach Center to clients, donors, and businesses.