“Women in Motion”

Team Members: Susan Blust, Amy Greil, Jennifer Krase, Patricia Woods-Clark
Project Sponsor: YMCA and Frank Neighborhood Project

Working with the Frank Neighborhood Project staff, LK team created an experiential learning program for a small group of middle school-aged young men and women. Targeting youth that currently participate in the YMCA’s Choice Youth & Family program, LK used the knowledge of the youth as being passionate about basketball to prepare them for ‘Plan B’ in case a career as a professional basketball player does not develop.

Leadership Kenosha team members created a program to include; a career exploration exercise with UW software application, a speaker series of local successful professionals that had a range of sport-related careers and/or represented a chosen career of the youth, and a personalized campus visit to UW-Parkside including a tour and Q&A with UW-P Men’s Basketball Assistant Coach. During both 3-hour encounters with the youth, LK teammates inspired dialogue and created real-life scenarios that revealed pathways into higher education and into careers thereafter, connecting the life experiences and skills of the youth to a rich diversity of speakers, resources and support.

This project won the Leadership Kenosha “Project of the Year Award”

“Sole Survivors Making Strides”

Team Members: Anita Alfaro, Jackie Anderson, Paris Echoles, Danielle Lazzaro
Project Sponsor: ELCA Outreach Center

The ELCA Outreach Center requested assistance to set up a foot care clinic for homeless individuals.

The team worked with non‐profits, local doctors and nursing students to set up a foot care clinic at the Outreach Center. The clinic allowed homeless individuals to have their feet inspected and treated by knowledgeable people. The team also encouraged several other groups to conduct shoe and sock drives so that Outreach Center clients had access to clean dry socks and sturdy shoes all winter long. The outcome was improved foot care for the homeless of Kenosha as well as education on how to improve their foot care during the winter months.

“The Flok” (Future Leaders of Kenosha)

Team Members: Elizabeth Adkins, Christian Isaacson, Genevieve Moreno, Stacy Riley, Samantha Sullivan
Project Sponsor: Education Matters

The project sponsor, Education Matters, requested a short video highlighting the essence of their program.

The team used project planning, marketing, technology, and communication skills to put together a video to recruit future student participants, donors and community partners. They gathered video footage from interviews conducted with students, teachers, and parents who have been directly impacted by the programs under the Education Matters umbrella. From there they edited and condensed all of the footage into a 4 minute promotional clip that the organization can use to gain more participants and sponsors.

“DCMS” (Design, Create, Motivate, Success)

Team Members: Diane Boehm, Megan Burgess, Selina Hochertz, Chuck Jester
Project Sponsor: Brass Community School

The project was to redesign the teacher/staff lounge to make it a more inviting and comfortable space, and to assess the current memorial garden space and research the ways to make it sustainable and easily maintainable for many years to come.

The team worked closely with the principal and a committee of staff from Brass Community School to learn the needs of the staff and what they would like to have incorporated into the lounge. They presented a proposal for the lounge renovation to the principal and, upon his approval, executed the renovations. The plan incorporated new wall color, room layout, vending machines, lighting, and furniture.

The morale of the staff increased as a result of the renovation.

The school was given a great new plan for the garden and currently awaits the funding to have the plan executed.

“Give Downtown the Ole College Tri”

Team Members: Lauren Hansen, Karon Thomas, Kathy Thompson, Karl Zuberbuehler
Project Sponsor: Downtown Kenosha

In July 2013, Kenosha was awarded a Main Street community designation, beginning the city’s participation in the national program implementing the proven approach of economic development through historic preservation.

The city’s goal is to bring more people and more businesses to the Downtown Kenosha neighborhood. The initiative focused on by the Leadership Kenosha team was one to better integrate three of the local colleges (Carthage College, UW-Parkside and Gateway Technical College) into Downtown activities and events.

The project involved communication with Downtown small business owners to better understand unique opportunities they offer for students to develop a new promotional campaign. The team developed online media, video, print advertising, programs, special events, or other strategies to better connect the area colleges with the Downtown neighborhood.