2009 Run/Walk for the Cure of Kenosha

Team members: Shannan Fettes, Julio Plata, Pam Halbach, Christine Hogue
Project Sponsor: Michelle Povlich, American Cancer Society

This team worked hard to help the American Cancer Society meet and exceed its goals for this year’s Run/Walk for the Cure- not an easy feat in such a tough economic climate. They promoted the event throughout the community and put up posters and brochures throughout Kenosha and Pleasant Prairie. With this team’s help, the Run/Walk for the Cure had 30 teams participate this year, and nearly 100 more participants involved than last year. The event was able to raise over $35,000.

C.A.P. Crusaders (Child Abuse Prevention)

Team members: Lou Molitor, Loretta Bondi, Michelle Mancusi, Shawn DeBoey
Project Sponsor: Karyn van Heijningen, Community Impact Programs, Inc

Despite dismal weather during the week that they carried out their project, the C.A.P. Crusaders completed a successful project to raise awareness and help prevent child abuse in the community. They created a large scale visual image on the infield of the Kenosha Velodrome Park with an outline of the Unites States complete with border lines of all 50 states. Inside of each state was a plaque of the statistical data of the number of children reported as being abused for that year. Around that sign was an American flag to represent the loss of each child in that state, totaling nearly 1500 in the country. An outline of a blue Ribbon was sprayed on the grass inside of the outline of Wisconsin and attendees were invited to plant a blue flag made by local children from various childcare centers to represent their commitment to fight against child abuse. The team created awareness in the community by holding it open for viewing for the entire week. An opening ceremony was held which included speakers such as Kenosha Mayor Keith Bosman, Kenosha County Executive Jim Kreuser, and representatives from D.C.F.S. The team closed the week by blessing the field and having the community take a flag back with them for their commitment to help prevent child abuse. The team won Leadership Kenosha’s “Project of the Year” award.

Safe Haven Youth Shelter

Team members: Jeanette Stevenson, Evette Rowley, Dana Thomson, Gary Fisher
Project Sponsor: Russell H. Warren, SAFE Haven Youth Shelter

Safe Haven Youth Shelter is an eight bed facility in Racine that focuses on area youth ages 10-17 in situations of abuse, neglect or runaway. The facility is well known through authoritative and social channels such as the police, social workers and school guidance counselors but is virtually unknown to the public at large. Safe Haven wanted to bring their message directly to the kids they support in a marketing campaign that would make them both aware of the shelter and the help available to them. This team focused on the school environment as the best venue to start spreading the word about the help youth can find at Safe Haven Youth Shelter. They created a marketing program that included six different posters with tear-away tab contact information as well as video pieces that can be used in different aspects: Safe Haven website, Youtube, school visits, etc. Each quarter Safe Haven will mail copies of a new poster to the contact person at all of the schools in the district. Copies of the videos will also be distributed on DVD to the school’s contacts. Meetings with Racine Unified School District guidance counselors were positive and well received. They are excited to begin using the campaign to ensure their students are aware of all the options available to them. The program can reach kids in their time of need before it becomes too late. Safe Haven hopes to create awareness to the individuals who need the information most – the kids.

Y-Link – Young Leaders in Kenosha

Team members: Chris Grugel, Danielle Williams, Jeff Kehl, Trudy Biehn, Chuck Duford
Project Sponsor: Maegan Pitts, United Way of Kenosha County

Team members were originally assigned to create organizational by-laws, form a board of directors and design a website for Y-Link. However, team members realized an opportunity for Kenosha to create a sustainable organization that could benefit the community for years to come. These realizations and efforts resulted in the creation of a partnership between United Way, Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce and Kenosha Area Business Alliance. The focus of Y-LinK now includes promotion of business and professional development, community involvement and enrichment, and social networking opportunities for its members. The team also created a brochure, survey, an expandable website found at http://www.ylinkenosha.com/, and assisted in the success of the first community sponsored Y-LinK event at the Civil War Museum on April 16. The highlight of the evening was the informal networking that took place between those who attended. Business cards, handshakes, and genuine interest in what people were doing in the community quickly became the focus of the evening. With more events scheduled in the summer of 2009, Y-Link appears certain to provide many opportunities for Kenosha’s Young Leaders to make a difference and positively impact the community.