Marketing/Recruitment & Fundraising Committee

Recruits participants and markets Leadership Kenosha as a leadership training opportunity to individuals, employers and organizations. Raises funds for participant scholarships.

Marisa Markowski, Co-Chair
Amber Elizabeth, Co-Chair
Holly Pobiecke
Josh Covelli
Kristie Mateau

Alumni & Graduation Committee

Works to foster continual involvement of Leadership Kenosha alumni.

Erin Ginn, Chair
Trisha Camosy
Tamarra Coleman
Lisa Retzlaff
Marisa Markowski

Policy & Procedure Committee

Develops guiding policies for the efficient and effective operation of the Leadership Kenosha program.

Robert Nicholai, Chair
Jen McMillan
Dave Strash
Tamarra Coleman
Erin Ginn

Program Committee

Assists with the development of the monthly program content for Leadership Kenosha participants.

Jacqueline Morris, Chair
Theresa Swisher
Jen McMillan