Position Title: President/CEO (President)
Reports to: Board Chair/Executive Committee/Board of Directors
Supervises: Membership and Events Coordinator, Graphic Designer, Receptionist
Salary Range: $60,000-$75,000, based on experience

General Summary

Responsible for assisting in the development of policy, implementing policy, and recommending action to the Board of Directors for the continued success of the Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce. The President is responsible for overseeing the coordination of the existing operations of the Chamber. The President develops, promotes, and plans events and functions, communicates effectively with the membership on needs, ideas, and opportunities, and develops and implements an annual budget and organizational plan that advances the general welfare and prosperity of Kenosha and our Chamber membership. The President is enthusiastic, creative, and well organized, and is an excellent communicator capable of functioning well in an independent environment.

Duties and Responsibilities

Chamber Development— The President must anticipate emerging and long-term planning needs of the Chamber. In conjunction with the Board and staff, devise and implement a strategic plan and annual program of work to advance the Chamber’s mission, this includes: event goals and dates, membership targets, an overall communications and advertising calendar, and an annual budget. Utilize bylaws, precedence and evaluations as planning and implementation tools.

Board Relations— Build and maintain strong relationships and communications with the Board of Directors. Provide necessary leadership to garner full engagement of board members. Plan and organize committee and board meetings, and coordinate plans and agenda for these meetings.

Interpretation of Policy— The President will ensure that the Chamber policy, as established by the Board, is properly kept up to date and implemented. The President will assist the Board, necessary committees and staff in interpretation of policy in relation to any given question or program; and operate the Chamber in accordance with the bylaws, existing procedures, Wisconsin state laws, and Federal laws as a proper 501c6 organization.

Membership Relations— Development and retention of current and future membership prospects. Keep consistent, strong lines of communication open between all parties, with a special emphasis on member input and feedback, congenial and timely visitor interactions, and community and tourism related groups and individuals. Facilitate, oversee, and implement annual membership campaign, member visits and welcomes new members as necessary. Work effectively with the membership and their businesses that they represent throughout the Kenosha Area. Analyze and interpret the needs of members and recommend revisions to increase membership value, engagement and financial support.

Finance— The President is responsible for formulating the Chamber’s budget along with the Board of Directors. Prepare financial guidelines for each event held by the Chamber and ensure events follow budgetary guidelines to meet goals of each event.

Events— The President will present event opportunities to the Board of Directors and will oversee all event preparation, utilizing both staff and volunteers to carry out event objectives. The President will work to garner community support as well as sponsorships for events as needed. Each new and existing event must include a budget and receive approval from the Board of Directors. Grant writing may also be necessary for new or existing events in the future.

Staff/Operations— The President is responsible for the employment of all staff personnel, the assignment of their duties, the supervision of their work and the establishment, within the framework of the approved budget, of the terms of employment. The President is responsible for all Chamber operations, maintenance of the building and all other operational functions. The Chamber office should be clean, neat and attractive. Members’ information and other printed media should be displayed in an orderly and inviting manner.

External Relationships— As much as possible, the President should attend meetings of groups and organizations that share common priorities including, but not limited, the City of Kenosha, Kenosha County, Economic Development organizations, other Chambers of Commerce, and other businesses and organizations that impact the Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce.

Public Policy— The President must be informed on local, state, and federal issues and actions by agencies that may affect the membership or community. The President is responsible for making recommendations to the Board of Directors on possible action on these issues.

Public Relations— The President is responsible for the reputation of the Chamber of Commerce within the community and greater area and is the chief salesperson for the organization and responsible for all media contact. The President will build and maintain positive relationships with all media outlets in the Kenosha Area and will utilize every opportunity presented to further the mission of the Chamber.

Other— Create advertising and marketing materials as necessary. Notify membership of co-op advertising and outreach promotional opportunities. Prepare, execute and track the annual Chamber communications and advertising calendar, and maintain a consistent print, online and social media presence. The President is also responsible for developing the annual Business Directory for the Chamber.

Personal Characteristics and Experience— Ideally, the President of the Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce will have a unique combination of personal and professional qualifications. This includes, but not limited to:

  • Familiarity with the unique challenges of running a nonprofit; someone who understands the dynamics of a Chamber of Commerce or similar membership organization and who is genuinely interested in working effectively within that realm
  • Executive style that can generate respect and support from a wide range of constituents including large and small business, nonprofits, community groups, elected leaders and staff at local, regional and state level
  • Passion for the Kenosha Area
  • Ability to lead the development and implantation of the long-term vision that enhances the Chamber’s value proposition and relevance to current and future members
  • Experience in understanding and developing accurate financial budgets, marketing plans, branding, and all other necessary plans to operate the day-to-day and long-term action plans of the Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Motivational leader who can attract, retain, develop, and empower staff and volunteers
  • A great listener who can articulate the Chamber mission and vision to retain and attract new members
  • Excellent communication skills and presentation ability; comfortable with new and traditional media.
  • Time management skills with a proven ability to prioritize responsibilities
  • Demonstrated interest in the community and businesses of Kenosha and surrounding areas. Reliable, self-motivated, outgoing and ability to motivate others. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Strong networking and leadership skills. Even temperament, even when under stress. Ability to function well as part of a multi-functional team. Presents a professional image whenever representing the Chamber.

Typical Physical Activity

  • Speaking, hearing, reading, and understanding English
  • Repetitive motion
  • Pushing/pulling/kneeling/bending
  • Stooping/crouching
  • Lifting and carrying
  • Able to lift up to 50 pounds
  • Reaching overhead
  • Sitting, standing, walking for long periods of time
  • Visual and mental concentration

Essential Qualifications

  • Education/Experience: College Degree preferred, but not required; Experience in sales and customer service is a plus
  • Proven success in building solid partnerships with the business community; demonstrated experience in building connections across a diverse community
  • Ability to lead with passion, creativity, patience and perseverance
  • Reliable attendance
  • Able to work in a PC networked environment that uses Microsoft Office products: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Internet browsers, QuickBooks and other necessary programs needed to accomplish the job
  • Some graphic design and marketing experience preferred

Certifications and licenses: Valid driver’s license required
Status: Full-time, salaried exempt

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