Our Chamber is uses eCertify.com to process Certificates of Origin. eCertify turns costly, time consuming and inefficient paper-based processing of Certificates of Origin into a streamlined online process. Paper Certificates of Origin are couriered or mailed to our Chamber for certification – a costly, inefficient and time-consuming paper-based process for exporters and freight forwarders.

The costs associated with paper based COO certification practices include:

  • Courier costs
  • Productivity losses
  • Workflow inefficiencies
  • Missed Deadlines
  • Increased Dock Fees and Fines for delays

eCertify presents a complete solution to the challenges that exporters experience by turning the existing paper-based process for stamping and signing of trade documents into a streamlined electronic system – providing our Members real value in cost savings and efficiency gains. Benefits for our Members include:

  • Saves times and money – no more couriers
  • Faster turnaround times – no more missed deadlines
  • User-friendly online web solution
  • Increased compliance and record keeping

eCertify is the Industry Standard and is designed to cater for all submission types. It allows Exporters and Trade Service providers to electronically process their export documents irrespective of how they are created. Meaning, that in addition to using the templates available on eCertify, our Members have the ability to use their existing software and upload pdf files, provided the files are not locked, so they can be signed and stamped by our Chamber. eCertify also allows multiple uploads of whatever documents are necessary for your shipment, including large, multi-page documents.

Data Storage

eCertify stores electronic certificates for 7 years in case our Members need to refer back to them. DigiCert handles eCertify’s encryption and the data is stored on a server with redundant physical servers and consistent backups to ensure data will not be lost.


All Certificates of Origin our Chamber processes have a cost of $20.00 each. Our Chamber pays the annual eCertify fee and the per certificate fee and we charge per Certificate to recover our costs. We’ve tiered the costs to help our Member exporters with bulk and high volume submissions maintain their budgets. The costs are $20.00 each for the first 30 processed within a calendar month and then $15.00 for each submission over 30 within any given calendar month. Our Members will be invoiced monthly for all Certificates of Origin processed, whether in person or through eCertify.com.

Paper Only Certificates of Origin

Occasionally a country, or a particular receiving dock, will only accept paper Certificates of Origin that require the crimping stamp. If that is the case, you are welcome to bring the certificate to our office Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:00pm. On Fridays, your courier should call our office at (262) 654-1234 or email the Chamber to verify someone is available to process their request.