Leadership Kenosha had its final session on May 19 and all members were in attendance in person for the first time since our journey began. We came ready to explore “what a day at the farm” looked like. Understanding the agricultural impact these businesses have on Kenosha county was impressive, and at times a little smelly! We got love from baby calves and some side eye from their mommas. Dave Daniels from Mighty Grand Dairy spent time explaining the business of milk cows and the exhaustive efforts that keep the business not just going but growing! We then traveled to Brightonwoods Orchard where Dr. Bill Stone gave us the secret of how to be the apple of someone’s eye! It’s by buying them some Apple Whiskey! We were sold! We toured the orchard and braved the wild animals (ok maybe they were just new born kittens). As a reward for our courage we were able to sample a new product line of apple cider. The second half of our afternoon was spent presenting our community projects to our class and the judges. You could hear a room full of impassioned individuals discussing the triumphs and struggles that came along with our projects. As I’m writing this now no decision has yet been made on the winning team but we all learned and grew from topics, people and opportunities we have been exposed to during our 2020-2021 journey. We may be saying our last goodbyes from our cohort but don’t expect this to be the last time you hear from us. This is not the end, this is just the beginning!

-Lisa Guerrero

Leadership Kenosha — May 2021