Yesterday Mayor Antaramian and Chief Miskinis announced planned precautionary efforts to be implemented following the announcement of the charging decision by the Kenosha County District Attorney regarding the shooting of Jacob Blake. We’re expecting to hear an announcement very soon.

While we hope that any demonstrations are peaceful, it is important to have a plan ready for your business and employees in the event of any potential civil unrest over the coming week.

  • Ensure work-from-home plans are in place. Identify who in your organization has the capability to work remotely
  • The city is preparing for a number of possible safety efforts that may affect the operation of your business, including limitations on city bus routes, road closures, and a curfew
  • Double-check with your insurance company that you’re covered for damages as a result of riots and demonstrations, including vandalism
  • Secure financial documents and expensive equipment
  • Remove loose objects that could be used to damage property
  • Leave exterior lights on and make sure security cameras are working and recording
  • Have a plan to board up your windows, if needed

Please refer to our Business Directory to connect you to other businesses you may need to work with, and don’t hesitate to reach out to the Chamber if you have any questions or needs.

Precautionary Business Safety Measures