A message from WMC President & CEO Kurt Bauer:

ATTN: Wisconsin Business Leader –

As you know, the number of COVID-19 cases are spiking in Wisconsin. Hospitalizations are also rising and approaching overcapacity in some parts of the state, at an alarming rate.

This is a serious situation.

You will recall that the original Safer at Home order last March was instituted to keep our health care system from becoming overwhelmed. However, we have more people hospitalized today from COVID-19 than any other time since the pandemic hit Wisconsin.

Again, this is a serious situation and we all need to do our part. You are a business leader in this state, which means you are also a community leader. As such, I am asking you to remind your employees that it is critical to be careful and responsible at home, just as it is at work. This includes wearing a mask, social distancing and washing hands frequently.

I know people are tired of this pandemic and want to resume normal activity. But that doesn’t make COVID-19 go away. It is clearly still here and still very much a grave threat to public health, particularly for the elderly and people with pre-existing health conditions.

Studies show that employees respect and, therefore, listen to their employers. So please, for the health of your employees, your community and our state, please consider sharing the following communication with your employees urging them to be safe by being diligent and resolute.

ATTN: Employees of Company XYZ –

The number of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in Wisconsin are rising fast. In fact, they are at record levels. Officials are very concerned that our health care system in parts of Wisconsin could be overwhelmed if we don’t slow the spread now.
This is a dangerous situation that must be taken seriously.

As you know, we have taken every precaution to protect you at the workplace by following guidelines from the Center for Disease Control and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Those guidelines keep you safe at work. They will also keep you, your friends, and your loved ones safe at home if you follow them.

To protect your community, you need to continue to wash your hands frequently, socially distance, wear a mask in confined spaces or where socially distancing is difficult and stay at home as much as possible.

I know people are tired of having to take these preventive steps. But as the record number of positive test results and hospitalizations in Wisconsin prove, COVID-19 is still here and a threat to many people.

So please, do the right thing for you, your family, your co-workers, your friends and your community.

Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19