The day started out with a tour of Uline Headquarters Building one.  During our tour, we learned many interesting facts about the Uline family and business. The business started in the family basement with only one product and is now a multi-billion-dollar company selling any product needed to run a business.  The next order of business was sitting down with the panel for a Q&A discussing business and economic development in Kenosha County, with the panel consisting of Debbie Ford, Chancellor, UW-Parkside; Brandon Lipska, VP of Supply Chain and Operations, United Conveyor Corporation; Laura Thelen, Director of Finance, Uline and Heather Wessling Grosz, VP of Economic Development, KABA.  Some of the highlights of this discussion included learning that 11,000 jobs have been created in 11 years, and the state of the economy was “on fire.” Chancellor Ford gave some great advice: “Always continue your education to get where you want to be. Know your career path and always look to the future.”  We found out some of the challenges that employers face is recruiting and retaining qualified talent. Affordable housing was also found to be a challenge.

The second half of the day, and my favorite part, was the presentation by Tedi Winnett regarding multi-generations in the workplace.  I have found this a fascinating subject; how can we make everyone happy??  We learned a little about what each generation felt was important to them and how those values can sometimes cause issues in the workplace.  But understanding where those individuals are coming from helps to understand why they think and act the way they do. The day ended with updates on the various projects that the teams are working on.

-Tammy Flores

Leadership Kenosha — February 2020