Venturing out on this Leadership Kenosha retreat was an amazing experience.  Sessions and speakers of the retreat were intentionally designed for us to enhance and develop leadership skills while also getting to know each other and building trust as a team!  We did that!   What an exhilarating time we had participating in the low and high ropes courses, bonding together as a team, all while keeping true to our “Real Colors” of blue, green, orange or gold.  It was both fun and intriguing to use the (NCTI) National Curriculum & Training Institutes “Real Colors” Personality Instrument. After spending time with each other and seeing who ended up where with the “Real Colors” scoring was fun and eye opening.  In the end, we challenged ourselves mentally and physically, honing in on and strengthening our leadership skills.  Leadership Kenosha 2020!  Forward lead!  We are ready!

Leadership Kenosha — September 2019