A huge congratulations to the students of LakeView Technology Academy’s Super Mileage Vehicle Club for their new state record for the endurance competition in Electrathon Racing on May 3rd and a huge thanks for the fantastic Kenosha Lighthouse artwork for our new office! These students work hard and continue that work after school. Materials and competitions are not cheap, so they are selling their Kenosha Lighthouse artwork for $30.00 each. If you are interested in ordering one, call Jacob Jones at (262) 960-9432 or email jonesjacob691@gmail.com.

This after-school engineering club offers students the opportunity to address energy consumption and is designed to help come up with solutions to the world’s energy dependency. Through the use of alternative fuels, vehicle configurations, and advanced materials the club strives to create vehicles that will achieve maximum mileage with minimum energy sources. The students stay after school all year and learn many skills including welding, metal fabrication, and small engine maintenance.

Thank you LakeView Technology Academy’s Super Mileage Vehicle Club