It was an interesting day for our Leadership Kenosha team. Our goals for the day were to learn about the healthcare sector in Kenosha County; to dive deeper into understanding diversity and inclusion; and to explore effective communication in leadership. This meeting focused on the healthcare sector and was geared to how we individually influence others with how we communicate.

Our day began at the Racine Kenosha Community Action Agency (RKCAA) where we were greeted with a presentation prepared by classmates Lisa Retzfaff, Mike Steinborn, and Jessica Retzlaff explaining their interpretation of the assigned chapter we had titled, ”Leadership is an affair of the Heart.” Their presentation was very informative, funny, and uplifting focusing on how we treat people in our personal and professional lives. Jib Jab was used to explain how it’s important to love what you are doing as this will help you to be more successful within your personal/professional lives. The group also explained how positivity in the work force is beneficial as others are affected by the energy of a positive attitude and workers can sense when a leader is positive. This helps to avoid toxicity in the workplace. The entire Leadership group then shared some experiences with the class that they have had with other managers throughout their work years. Very interesting!!

After the presentation, we then were greeted by a few of the employees of RKCAA where they took us on a tour of the facility. Here we learned of the many services the agency offers; such as lead testing, health screenings, nutritional counselling, a teaching kitchen, and a mobile WIC clinic. Pam Halback, Director and LK Alumni Class of 2009 then gave us an overview of RKCAA, explaining there are currently 3,200 clients in Kenosha County receiving WIC, with 2.9 million venders who participate with the program. Hotensia Aiello, RN, a Public Health nurse from Kenosha County Division of Health then spoke of the many services the agency offers to people within the community to promote wellness for Kenosha woman, elderly, and families. She spoke of the Wellness Center and other resources available to the Kenosha population. A Farmers Market partners with RKCAA and is available to those in need.  We also learned of a Dedicated Dads Program, focused on giving support to fathers in the community. LK learned that there were many programs offered to the people of Kenosha by RKCAA; this was eye opening and informative to learn.

Julani Bayan, LK Alumni Class of 2015, Human Service Instructor, once again came to speak with us about inclusion. The group participated in an interactive music activity that helped us to reflect on being a champion of who we are, share yourself, and perhaps this will help you to connect with others throughout your personal and professional career. This activity was fun to learn more about one another!

The LK class then traveled to Aurora Medical Center in Kenosha where the group met and spoke with Donna Jamieson, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, Vice President, Chief Nursing Officer, of Aurora Medical Center- Kenosha. The class was also introduced by Jennifer McMillan, RN- Manager of Med/Surg, Surgical/Orthopedics, former LK member. Donna shared some insight about Aurora and spoke of the here and now of healthcare. She also shared with us some information about the future of health care and what it may look like in 2030. Donna shared with us the thoughts of healthcare moving toward hospital-based care at home, healthcare transitions, opioid use, behavior health, healthcare affordability, and workforce shortages. Her conversation was very informative, and the class had some questions and were very engaged with the moment. After Donna spoke with the class, lunch was provided by Aurora Medical Center.

The class then participated in a tour of Aurora Medical Center- Kenosha, led by peer in Leadership Kenosha, Jackie Powers. The class was able to see portions of the hospital and clinic and informed about the many services of Aurora Medical Center- Kenosha. Members were very engaged and interested in learning about the facility and its many services provided to the community.

After the tour, the LK class was introduced by Marvin Bembry, President, MKB Leadership Transformation Executive Director, John Maxwell Team. Marvin spoke to us about Leadership and Communication; Becoming a Person of Influence. He explained tactics of developing the leader within you, lead with a vision, provide trust to others. This will help you to engage and build strong relationships with others. Also, Marvin spoke to us about how important it is to reflect on ourselves throughout our careers in Leadership. Inner circle is key and surround yourself with positive influences. This presentation added value and promoted best ways to influence others, and how trust is in the center of leadership.

-Jackie Powers

Leadership Kenosha — April 2019