Our location for the day was Kenosha Creative Space located at 624 57th Street in Downtown Kenosha. What a great place to meet and observe artwork done by local artists from our area! Francisco Loyola and Ken Murray gave presentations that gave insight into how the creative community revitalizes our local services, retail and manufacturing partners, and the entertainment industry. Former manufacturing towns like Kenosha are given new life thanks to the creative industries and workforce and this was very evident in our downtown!

Five local agencies presented to our group, offering service project ideas for teams to select for their Leadership Kenosha projects for the 2018-2019 class. The Kenosha Achievement Center, the Kenosha County Substance Abuse Coalition, Lakeside Curative Services, the United Way of Kenosha County, and Women’s and Children’s Horizons were on hand to provide information regarding their programs and their project idea. Once teams were assigned to their projects, they had an opportunity to meet with their sponsor to ask questions and develop an initial plan. Jordania Leon-Jordan from UW-Parkside shared the basics of project management to help teams get started with their charters. All of the teams were excited to get started on this and there was a lot of energy in our class. It will be exciting to see the final outcomes in May!

During the afternoon, each team participated in City Scoping that involved traveling throughout Kenosha to identify areas historical or unique to Kenosha. It was a great opportunity to spend time with teammates and get to know each other! It was also an opportunity to see Kenosha landmarks and take pictures with your team. Afterwards, each team shared their photos and experiences with the group.

The day ended with a presentation by Emily Stipan from the Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce who talked about events and networking opportunities available in the area. The class also discussed and finalized our class shirts for the year and came to a group consensus. What a great example of working together!

Leadership Kenosha — October 2018