Understanding how credibility is the foundation of leadership, why values drive commitment and the development of Kenosha’s creative economic plan were highlighted during the October meeting of Leadership Kenosha. This month’s meeting took place at Fusion, a venue that showcases Kenosha’s blossoming performance arts community. Francisco Loyola of Kenosha Creative Space and Matt Moore of Tri City National Bank spoke about Kenosha’s exciting future and the plans to revitalize downtown to  bring cultures and generations together. Kate Holmes and Jacque Kruger led a discussion of our book, Leadership Truths, focusing on the importance of credibility and having strong values as leaders. This discussion allowed for deep thought, not only on personal values but also on the values that may be important to our teammates. We completed activities including writing personal mission and value statements and creating a timeline highlighting milestones in our lives.

Special guest, Julani Bayan from Gateway Technical College and Leadership Kenosha Class of 2015, held a very encouraging discussion on his experiences with Leadership Kenosha and the importance of diversity. As future leaders, he emphasized how we need to adjust the lens in which we view ourselves as well as those we lead. We need to be careful to consider how our actions may be perceived. Our program day continued with city scoping, where thinking creatively we learned about our community by finding areas of interest that signify historical, unique, interesting or exciting elements of Kenosha. Some of the locations included: Tenuta’s Italian Restaurant, the lighthouse, Lake Michigan and the Kemper Center.

Leadership Kenosha provides a unique opportunity to become involved with the community by participating in community projects. During this session we had the privilege to learn of the various projects available. In all, there were 10 amazing opportunities to choose from. Projects ranged from helping find and organize resources for newborns, to assisting those who are new to the workforce and building awareness for our senior community. Unfortunately, only four projects could be chosen, making selection very difficult. Our day concluded with Emily Stipan of the Chamber of Commerce giving us information on various events including Business after 5, Kenosha Expo and many other networking events in the Kenosha area.

—Travian Franklin

Leadership Kenosha– October 2017