Thursday, September 14th, officially kicked off the start of the Leadership Kenosha class of 2017-2018. Thursday’s session was held Colerget Conference Center. It consisted of introductions of the participants, instructors, and other community members that have been a part of Leadership Kenosha for years. Besides getting to know each other, the participants went through the Real Colors Personality Test Presentation. Real Colors is a hands-on workshop to introduce different personality types, what is important to them, how they learn, and most importantly how to communicate.

On Friday, September 15th, we met at The Salvation Army Wonderland Camp for a day of team building, trust exercises and some fun on the high ropes course. Starting with communication exercises, the group learned a lot from these drills and demonstrated patience with one another. After the communication drills, the group ran through a vast amount of trust exercises before heading off to the low ropes and high ropes courses. These exercises ranged from trust leans to levitation where a group of people levitated someone into the air and placed them safely on the ground.

After communication skills were established and trust was built between everyone, participants were comfortable to continue on to the low ropes course, which was called the Spider Web. The Spider Web looked exactly like you could imagine, ropes assembled around trees to form a spider web-like structure. The group was split in two teams and as two separate teams had to get in the Spider Web without using the same hole twice and touching the rope. After both teams made it in the web, as a large group we had to get out with the same rules. Like the earlier communication drills, the group stayed calm and was patient with each other.

After the Spider Web, everyone headed to the high ropes course. Here, each individual group went up together along with an instructor from the camp. The instructor was not only there to keeps use safe, but he set forth rules for everyone to follow; from not being able to communicate to holding hands and moving simultaneously. This was extremely difficult for numerous reasons. Reasons varied from an individual having a fear of heights to not being able to vocally communicate with one another. But everyone agreed after going through the high ropes course, they learned a lot about their team but also themselves.

—Trisha Camosy

Leadership Kenosha – September 2017