Excerpts from the blog of Nita Becker of Southport Bank:  The April, 2017 Leadership Kenosha class meeting began at the Community Action Agency. After a tour of the Community Action Agency, Pam Halbach presented a very interesting discussion of the various programs the Community Action Agency performs, including the Dedicated Dad’s Program which is run by our own Sharmain Harris! Dine Bosovich of the Kenosha County Division of Health also gave a presentation on the numerous services performed by the Division of Health and the partnership between the two agencies.

Debra Karp, Interim Executive Director of Continuing Education and Community Engagement of the University of Wisconsin Parkside, also discussed the role of non-profit agencies, the characteristics of the corporate structure and the roles of the Board of Directors.

The afternoon session was hosted by Aurora Heath Care and Doug Koch, President, gave an overview of the operations of Aurora and led a discussion on leadership. This was followed by a session on multiculturalism and diversity presented by Julani Bayan of Gateway Technical College. Overall, the day was extremely informative and everyone walked away with an ever-increasing knowledge leadership.

Leadership Kenosha April 2017