The March 15, 2017 Leadership Kenosha class was hosted by Gateway Technical College at the Horizon Center, where Manoj Babu gave a tour of their automotive, precision tools, and aviation departments and Zina Haywood highlighted some of the wonderful programs that Gateway provides to our community. Next, Dr. Sue Savalgio, Superintendent of KUSD, spoke of how local citizens can best support public schooling. Kenosha has the oldest public school system in the state and it was wonderful to hear how many opportunities students are given through the public schools.

Our last speaker of the day was H. Muir of LIFT Shop. He spoke to us about leadership branding and how to use our strengths, rather than focusing on improving weaknesses, to achieve our goals. By the end, we were all a little more comfortable and confident in talking about ourselves and our purpose in business.

I saw such diversity and passion for learning through all levels of education, not only in the speakers, but also in my fellow Leadership Kenosha participants. We discussed a chapter from the book, “The Best Leaders are the Best Learners.” The entire group was in agreement that leadership is a capacity that can be built in anyone.

Condensed fromĀ a submission by Steven Mui of 22nd Avenue Acupuncture

Leadership Kenosha – March 2017