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In April, Leadership Kenosha’s morning activities took place at the Kenosha Community Health Center on 14th Avenue. We were hosted by Mary Coffey, the Executive Director. Mary shared with us the varied and impressive programs that the Community Health Center has grown or improved in the last year. One initiative of particular interest is a mobile health unit that will serve Racine. The Community Health Center in Racine is no longer open, so that mobile unit will have a big impact on those citizens. After the presentation, we were given a tour of the facilities. They were state of the art and we all agreed are equal or better than our own dentists’ offices. This location sees many patients for dental and also has general health and mental health services.

The programming continued with our lesson on the Leadership Truth and then a presentation on Nonprofit Board Membership by Debra Karp of UW-Parkside. The members of our group have a range of experience with nonprofit boards and some have been on them. The topics covered in the presentation were the function and role of the board, the responsibilities of being a board member, and tips on how to become involved.

Leadership Kenosha Trio 2016Our afternoon programming took place at Aurora Health Care. After a delicious lunch, we briefly heard from Doug Koch, President of Aurora. Mr. Koch talked about the recent growth of Aurora, as well as his perspective on leadership. We then welcomed Leadership Kenosha alumnus and Gateway Technical College Multicultural Student Support Specialist, Julani Bayan. This was the first year Julani has done this presentation on understanding diversity. What we agreed was interesting and impacting about Julani’s message was that he focused on having a thoughtful, nuanced message, and he had many activities in which we were able to participate. I think this will be a group favorite in years to come as Julani continues to share with Leadership Kenosha.

At the end of the day we had the opportunity to share our feedback about the Leadership Kenosha program with Bill Whyte, Steering Committee Chairperson, and Laurie Yake, Vice-Chairperson. With only one day together to go, it was cool to go over and reflect on each of our days over the last few months.

Hannah Keller, Carthage College

Leadership Kenosha – April 2016 Update